5 Most Common Questions When Buying Claims Processing Software

Workers’ Compensation administrators searching for workers compensation case management software are not always aware of the best solutions available.


In a saturated market with numerous healthcare solutions, the options available make it difficult to decide. Healthcare business administrators are left overwhelmed and may not make the best decision for their company.  If healthcare executives are not informed about the latest technology innovations, they will not ask the right questions nor will they know how to select the best product suitable for their company.

How do leaders in the industry choose the right service to benefit their business?

Below are 5 fundamental questions about Claims processing software for professionals that want to upscale their claims workflow:

1. How is the system compliant with regulations such as HIPAA?
Conexia is ISO 27001 certified. ISO 27001 standards are stricter than what is required by HIPAA for privacy and security. ISO 27001 is an international standard issued by the international  Organization for Stndardization (ISO) that focuses on protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in a company.


2. Can the claims product process, including reference and pricing, as a stand-alone module?
Yes, the Conexia modules can be stand-alone having access to all the information to be able to process with accurate pricing.


3. How does the claims product integrate with an external reference, pricing, and/or prior authorization module(s)?
Conexia uses defined data exchange protocols, customized APIs (Application Programming Interface) and custom integration methods to integrate with external components to deliver real-time transactions.


4. How does the system consume data from multiple sources for use in claims/encounter processing?
Conexia works with our clients to implement agile, complex solutions that can consume data from multiple sources and normalize it for claims/encounter processing.


5. What products are included with the system?
Conexia provides its technological platform as part of its SaaS (Software as a Service) offering which also includes resources dedicated to help the client to configure and maintain the system, user support services, and dashboards/reporting capabilities. Each adaptation of our technological platform considers the existing platforms the client has and incorporates the specific products thta each client needs.   

For example, while you carry on your day-to-day workflow, our team experts are actively working analyzing the progress of the tools being used while developing new features that will improve your business needs.

Conexia has over 20 years of demonstrated expertise. Our professionals assess current workflow to help determine what features need to be updated before implementing software solutions. Taking into account the systems most used by your collaborators, we insure a seamless overlay into your claims administration software. As a result, processes are transformed into easy to use, fast, and accurate.


Do you have more questions about claim processing software or want to implement a solution for your workers’ compensation administration or MCO?


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