8 Top Features Healthcare Software Solutions Need to Reduce Costs

To cooperate with all stakeholders in the health ecosystem, we approach the diverse problems they face daily and continue to evolve the tools we develop for such task. Through our continuous research, we can build the most updated software that allows effortless coordinated administrative flow in real-time for all the parties involved.


Our technology platform is customizable and can be integrated into your current system to meet the diverse regulatory requirements and operational processes in each geography. In most cases, our initial implementation is an overlay on the payer’s existing technology ecosystem to create real-time processes. The platform includes numerous modules and is designed to be versatile for each client, from micro to macro processes.



Benefits of our solution:

  1. Eligibility Verification: by swiping a card or entering information into our portal.
  2. Care Coordination: all providers have access to the same data for a patient.
  3. Medical Management / Utilization Review: application of evidence-based medicine at the point of care.
  4. Statutory & Management Reporting: customized, real-time reports; all data is centrally located.
  5. Claims Processing: real-time validation replaces claims processes.
  6. Provider Billing: real-time authorization automatically generates an electronic invoice.
  7. Population Health: track member health & design automated interventions.
  8. Fraud / Abuse Deterrence: Business rules detect potentially abusive activity in real time.


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