Conexia Attends TAHP Conference 2018 in Houston to Contribute Expertise

Conexia executives attended the TAHP Annual Managed Care Conference and Trade Show in Houston between November 12 and 14. TAHP is the largest event of its kind in Texas and it brings together decision-makers from across the healthcare spectrum—from major health plans, providers and regulators, to legislators, journalists, academia, vendors and more. 

As its name states it “A Roadmap to Affordable Health Care” Conference was organized to reunite a critical mass of thought leadership and decision-making power, concentrated in one place over three days to discuss the industry challenges going on and potential strategies to solve them.

Our team of experts participated in the events that featured a high-level roster of dynamic speakers who came together in panes and conversations to cover the wide range of challenges and opportunities posed by the federal health reform, state policies and budget issues.

In order to discuss ways to achieve greater value, affordability, transparency, and accessibility in health care, the conference held several brainstorming sessions where the ins and outs of operating health plans and health care entities on a day-to-day basis were discussed thoroughly.

A full roster of dynamic leaders came together to contribute their expertise and network to advocate for solutions that will make healthcare more affordable and valuable for Texans. In today’s rapidly changing industry environment to advocate for solutions that will make healthcare more affordable and valuable for Texans.

With  Attending this conference, we were able to give insights on health policy challenges and trends that all stakeholders in the ecosystem confront and how they can leverage these challenges through our real-time at the point-of-care solutions to improve administrative workflow, reduce costs and improve healthcare outcomes.

J.R. Long, Senior Vice President of Operations of Conexia, said that the technology health care needs – and the proven technology we have – are no longer “disruptive”. The challenge to payers is to partner with providers to manage the change that is occurring as we speak. Conexia’s solutions make that change management possible. He added, ”We can do it and we can make it work really fast. We can save money and lives at the same time.”


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