Conexia’s Mobile Apps for Healthcare

Technological advances in the healthcare industry not only streamline processes between stakeholders but also allow easy access, affordability and quality of service.


At Conexia, we transformed the way beneficiaries and medical professionals interact by changing the way consumers think about healthcare and channels of communication with medical professionals. By developing online and telephone accessible applications that work to cut out unnecessary trips to medical providers, while prompting people to see a doctor when warranted.


When it comes to Workers Compensation industry leaders are aware of the importance of telehealth as a tool connecting injured employees to healthcare and rehabilitation services, speeding up the recovery process and getting them back into the workforce.


Even though the industry has generally been conservative about adopting new technologies, Conexia managed to develop comprehensive apps based on the main axis of Workers Compensation that has been widely adopted.


Applications are developed for each client to manage health care appointments from a mobile device or computer. In the case of Workers Compensation,  the applications are based on the main concepts such as unifying the population’s health information.


  1. Accessibility: An online appointment system improves accessibility and allows people to access health services easily and quickly. Population Nominalization: Quickly identifies the social coverage allowing to generate epidemiological information in real time.
  2. Medication: To load and dispose of the information on the consumption of medicines, which allows us to optimize the recovery to the insurance companies, generating more resources available for the health of the beneficiaries.
  3. Management Indicators: Based on the Conexia App information load, management indicators are available to identify critical points in the health system for decision making.


Auditors App is an application that allows auditors of MCO’s to perform their work more quickly and efficiently from anywhere using their mobile device. For instance, they can monitor cases by viewing the number of pending audits of practices, referrals, and hospitalizations. Selecting an item will take you directly to the corresponding audit screen. They have control of practice audit by authorizing or rejecting practices that are pending audit.


The use of mobile devices in healthcare has improved physician performance and ensured better patient care.  Consequently, our mobile applications or mobile websites provide injured workers access at any time to information about their claims and treatment.  This allows for an improved return to work turnaround times.


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