Conexia's Healthcare Analytics Can Increase Your ROI from One to Three

Over the past two decades, business intelligence and healthcare predictive analytics have accrued significant development. Implementation of algorithms to forecast events in real time not only lowers the cost of health care but improves the quality of care that patients receive. Population health management is quickly becoming a critical competency for healthcare organizations, large and small.


It is no news that in the United States this industry is going through an adverse period due to legacy systems that are outdated constituting a hindrance in the public and private sectors. Healthcare organizations need to renew and stay on top of cutting-edge technologies to be competitive. Companies must reevaluate the way they transact with other businesses and create technology-based partnerships.


The solutions Conexia provides are at the forefront of these innovations shift. In the case of our Workers Compensation clients we implemented strategies that aimed to facilitate the management of claims by all stakeholders. By streamlining the management and tracking of Workers’ Compensation claims we enable all parties involved to have strategic growth with actionable results.


Our clients are able to overcome the challenges associated with care coordination, information sharing, qualifying and quantifying quality metrics, and optimizing revenue cycle to meet performance-based contract provisions. Clients notice a turning point in the administrative and organizational architecture after the implementation of Conexia’s healthcare analytics and obtain on average a ROI of three to one.


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