Healthcare Apps and Platforms Optimize Benefits for Stakeholders

New Conexia healthcare and workers’ compensation technological platform and applications were launched last week. These modern advances will allow to speed up various procedures for patients, among them, the possibility of taking appointments online from any computer or mobile device.


The applications, accessible to all stakeholders through a mobile (iOS/Android) or an online platform, allow: the unification of the health information of people between the first and second level of care in the same computer system, and the registration and nominalization of people with data validation by workers compensation administrations.  Furthermore, it allows the crossing of information of the person who obtains the appointment, either online or in person, to identify their plan coverage, thus optimizing the recovery of tariffs and reducing debits.


Based on the information load in the app, management indicators are available to identify the critical points in the health system for decision making.


In addition to generating health and epidemiological information in real-time; the system loads and arrays the information on the consumption of medicines allowing significant increments of the recovery for private insurance companies, generating more resources available for the health of the inhabitants of the region.


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