How we helped bring innovation to a Health Insurance client.

There are many stories about the impact Conexia delivers for its customers in the healthcare services industry. Emssanar E.S.S. is one of these. Emssanar aims to protect its members’ health and strives for their well-being.  Consequently, their patients, providers, and clerical staff have all benefited from implementing automated authorizations, which allow for fast, real-time processes. Patients are safer and business runs more smoothly, with fewer delays.

Emssanar can now receive and adjudicate a claim in roughly the same amount of time as a credit card transaction, instead of waiting for days.

“Organizations that are not at the forefront of technological change tend to disappear because they cannot respond promptly to their users’ needs”

CEO of Emssanar


Download this case study and learn how to provide safer services through fast automated authorizations with real-time processes. Develop strategies to obtain profit margin and client satisfaction with better care management.


Benefits achieved:

  • Improved cashflow while offering high value services.
  • Technological state-of-the-art platform to connect electronically all healthcare stakeholders for real-time.
  • Achieved client satisfaction while reaching company goals and objectives.
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