Our VP describes the Advantages of Real-time Solutions for all Stakeholders

As a pioneer, innovator leader in real-time, point-of-care healthcare delivery, Conexia serves an ever-growing cadre of progressive point-of-care providers, public and private healthcare/workers’ compensation payers and their trusted healthcare ecosystem stakeholders. It works with their clients in a partnership in order to meaningfully improve workflows in several areas.  

From a speed perspective, our claim processing software and holistic, real-time overlay is able to accelerate Return-to-Work and processing times which result in avoiding any regulatory penalties and other unfavorable consequences While from an accuracy perspective, Conexia’s claim processing software collects data in real-time at the point-of-care from the medical provider and connects it with the workers’ compensation carriers, or the claims administrator in real-time providing accuracy of data throughout the ecosystem.

With over 20 years of experience across global geography, it provides a proven track record of working with clients to accelerate return-to-work times, reduce costs and improve the injured worker’s experience all at the same time.


In addition to a 95% client retention and a proven track record, throughout our client experiences and partnerships, we are able to deliver results on time in an efficient manner while optimizing processes for our clients and the medical providers which enable them to focus on delivering the care to the injured workers that they serve.


The positive impacts of the Conexia solution for Workers Compensation clients are:  

  • In the temporary disability cases, clients notice that return to work is reduced anywhere from 10 days to 5 days.
  • Authorization turnaround times are shortened from an average of 6 days to less than half a day and in some cases,
  • Conexia´s solution support client’s growth. We have a client example where the client has doubled in size without the need to add any additional staff.


“Making the decision to go with Conexia after having and internal system for over 20 years was scary and exciting at the same time. What I found with Conexia is what I was looking for: to take my system to the next level looking to make my people and my managers more productive all while reducing the metrics in workers compensation that are important such as Return-to-Work.

Client Testimonial 


Through our client partnerships Conexia works with each of its clients to improve injured worker experience and impact many goals within the organizations. From a speed perspective we are able to work with our clients in a regulatory environment they are in to ensure they meet the regulatory demands and deadlines that they have in place.


Through accelerated care delivery we are able to get the injured worker the right care they need at the moment that they are able to return to work in an accelerated fashion. With our ability to standardize data and exchange it each of the key stakeholders in the ecosystem we can meet regulatory demands for data.


For managed care organization a customized real-time at the point of care solution can prevent billions of dollar losses while  Medicare and Medicaid organizations can prevent losses caused by FWA and improve administrative workflow to tackle the growing population in enrollees due to states expansion (learn more about our Real-time point of care solutions for healthcare). 


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