Prevention of Adenovirus Outbreaks with Healthcare Software Systems and several other media news informed yesterday about the latest Adenovirus Outbreak that killed 7 children in a New Jersey Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. The New Jersey Department of Health is working to contain the outbreak.


Adenoviruses are a group of viruses that can infect the membranes (lining of tissues) of the airways, urinary tract, and others. These viruses can be spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Droplets containing the virus fly in the air and land on surfaces.


In this particular case, the Health Department of Health officials said that investigators have found “minor handwashing deficiencies” at the nursing home and rehabilitation center.


According to The Becker Hospital publication on latest research findings hand sanitizer more successful than soap, water for preventing respiratory infections in kids, study finds (per study published in Pediatrics).


To work on infection control issues Conexia offers solutions that facilitate the identification and adherence to health care programs of vaccination, which are designed according to international medical guidelines to provide better care, aiming to control, eliminate and eradicate preventable diseases. Minimizing the costs involved in the condition once installed in the individual.


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