Real-time point of care solutions for the Healthcare industry

In the medical setting the exchange of information between stakeholders (patients, providers insurers, etc.) is still largely manual, disconnected and uncoordinated. Because most communications and administrative processes take place after services have been rendered, management and reconciliation are labor intensive, time consuming and expensive.



Payers and providers enter the contentious position of negotiating payment for care that has already been rendered. And most importantly, payers are in a poor position to influence treatment options, promote adherence to evidence-based medicine practices and effectively control medical spending.


Disparity in treatment patterns and adherence to evidence-based medical standards is a well-documented phenomenon in our current system. Adjudicating medical transactions in real-time and at the point-of-care enables the payer to play a meaningful role in promoting adherence, which results in better care and lower medical spending.


Conexia products and services are applicable to all those organizations that aim to provide healthcare service to the population whether they are public entities, private medical companies, providers, cooperatives, trade unions or insurance companies. 


We serve 30 million beneficiaries globally and we have 250 employees. We also have 20,000 providers integrated with their payers and we enable collaborative, real-time interactions between payers, providers and members.


  1. Conexia has been implementing Real-time services and solutions for over 20 years.
  2. We are a B Corp certified company, we have a partnership with Endeavor Global Impact company and we are sponsored by the MIT Sloan G-Lab. In 2016 we were voted Great Place to Work.


We partner with our clients and share values with them:

    1. Quicker turnaround times.
    2. Less medical disparity giving all patients the same access to the same high quality of care.
    3. Our solutions add speed to the processes which in turn allows to reduce the number of regulatory fines that can be imposed by different states which is also good for the members because they get healthier quicker.
    4. Cost are significantly reduced due to the improved administrative workflow allowing the client to invest in more technology and to provide better services to members.


Our shared vision with the clients is to:

  1. reduce medical and administrative costs,
  2. prevent fraud, waste and abuse,
  3. improve medical outcomes,


Our product:

▪Real-Time, Value-Driven Healthcare Delivery for Multi-Element Transactions

▪Ready-to-Deploy Conexia Provider/Payer Overlay Circuit with Quality of
Patient/Provider/Payer Experience

▪Simple SaaS Overlay Model with Rapid ROI and Progressive Value Derived and Extended through Conexia’s Proven “Customer First” Service Model

A dedicated staff of Software Engineers, Functional Analysts, Project Managers, Programmers and Designers work to enhance care coordination and improve outcomes to lower medical cost and administrative processes for each of our clients making possible to implement solutions that connect all stakeholders to redefine processes of care, control and administration of medical benefits.


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