Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Conexia´s background?

Conexia is an information technology company with more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Conexia has helped the digital transformation process of public and private organizations in healthcare and workers compensation industries.

What does Conexia's technological platform consist of?

The platform is based on four main modules, which cover the operations of health organizations:

  • Enrollments
  • Contracting
  • Authorizations
  • E-billing

Additionally, there are other modules that complement this process, such as Comprehensive Drug Management, Workers´ Compensation, among others.

Who uses the Conexia technology platform?

Conexia's value proposition is aimed at meeting the needs of the following market segments:

How to contact a Sales representative?

To communicate with the Sales team, enter here and a representative will contact you.

Does the Conexia proposal apply to healthcare insurers?

Yes. Through its technological platform ‘Suite Conexia’, Conexia offers a comprehensive solution for insurers in the different segments that make up the healthcare industry.

Does Suite Conexia integrate with other technologies?

Yes. The Suite Conexia is a modular technological platform, which can be integrated with other platforms used by the client.

Does Suite Conexia integrate with providers?

Yes. The integration of the Suite Conexia with the providers´ network is a strategic component of Conexia's value proposition. This integration allows the parties to interact in real-time, improve and simplify management processes, automatically redirect or approve requests, reduce the administrative burden required for generating contracts and improve control over all stages of the process.

In which countries does Conexia operate?

Conexia has operations in Argentina, Colombia and the United States.