Integrated Management System Policy (QMS and ISMS)

Conexia accompanies the healthcare ecosystem in its digital transformation through the development of information technology. In this way, Conexia's Senior Management has committed to the implementation, operation, and continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System (QMS and ISMS) and customer satisfaction to contribute to the success of all stakeholders, through the following actions:

Work by defined policies, processes, and procedures.

Manage the risks that could affect the organization.

Guarantee the information security management, protection of confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy of data, through adequate risk management, incidents, and vulnerabilities.

Align the objectives of the Integrated Management System (QMS and ISMS) to the strategic ones of the organization.

Promote a culture committed to the sustainable growth of the community and the environment.

Code POL073 | Revision 2.00 | Last update: 04-22-2022