Conexia Methodology

Agility at conexia


We propose an agile work system that understands clients' needs, focuses on results, respects diversity of opinions, delivers incremental value, promotes transparent and timely communication, and encourages feedback. 

How we work

Collaborative and responsible interactions with clients.

Focus on results.

Continuous improvement cycles.

Respect for diversity of opinions.

Accountable for our responsibilities.

Flexibility and entrepreneurship.

Standardized frameworks according to each project.

User Services at conexia

User services

The user experience comes first and foremost. We focus in change management, customer communication, help desk, and user loyalty.

Change management focuses on the adoption of providers

Customer communication specializes in direct communication with users, and measurement of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Help Desk, in charge of providing support to queries and incidents through phone, email and chatbot.

User loyalty activates usage incentive campaigns.

We monitor performance through KPIs.

Information security at conexia

Information Security

We guarantee the information security of our technology platform, protecting its confidentiality, ensuring its integrity and availability, managing risks on time and mitigating security incidents.

All our processes are ISO 27001 certified.

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