The Suite Conexia technology platform features a modular structure that spans the spectrum of operational process that ocurr in healthcare organizations. It integrates seamlessly with the organization´s legacy systems.

Suite Conexia modules are as follows:

Enrollments Module


Manages the insured population, candidates identification enrollments, withdrawals, and changes in a unified base.

Contracts Module


Manages the providers´network, improving processes, optimizing costs, and ensuring high-quality services.



Provides real time authorization through a rules engine which checks contracts with beneficiaries and providers.



Streamlines the bill auditing process, combining the receipts, control and validation of bills in a single platform.

Through the Suite Conexia, healthcare organizations provide their beneficiaries with timely access to services while reducing medical and administrative costs.

Integrating the Suite Conexia with a network is a crucial component of Conexia’s value proposition.

This enables: 

Real-time interaction between both parties. 

Streamlined management processes

Automated real time authorization.

Lower administrative burden to contract providers and pay invoices.

Better control over all stages of the process.

Suite Conexia brings together information technology and a deep understanding of the healthcare industry. Suite Conexia is a cloud-bassed infraestructure, ensuring an outstanding performance and information security.