26 years of Technological Innovation for Healthcare Organizations

We specialize in cost optimization and process improvement for industry-leading institutions.
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Cutting edge technology for efficient healthcare coverage

We are the ideal strategic partner for the digital journey of healthcare organizations.

We support the healthcare ecosystem by developing digital solutions that allow for process integration, automation of operations, optimization of communications, always with the assistance of a specialized healthcare team.

Conexia Suite

Transform your organization with the Conexia Suite, the tool capable of addressing all the essential processes of healthcare organizations.


Facilitates the organization of the covered population and the planning of the healthcare model, updating status and analyzing data.


Manages the provider network, compares rates, analyzes costs, and establishes evaluation policies for efficient management.


Controls requested benefits, manages health risks, and supervises contracts with the provider network.

Drug Management

Facilitates access to medications, visualizes electronic prescription processes, detects polypharmacy interactions, and controls dosage.

Provider Network Management

Optimizes the audition of bills and validation of rules, centralizes invoice control, and manages glosses or debits.

Prioritizing patient experience in the digital age

"With the process automation achieved with Conexia, we were able to be more efficient and serve our customers better."

They trusted us

Conexia Suite

The technological answer for the healthcare industry

A solution that allows healthcare payers, workers´ compensation companies, and public healthcare institutions to improve their toolkit.

Real time interaction

Simple and fluid communication between parties.

Business rules

Industry knowledge transformed into rules that add value to operations.

Prior authorizations

Online validation of health benefits.

Reduced administrative burden

Less time in contracting services, auditing billing and payments.

Optimization of processes

Simpler and optimized management at all stages.

Cloud based solution

Ensures optimal performance and information security.





IRAM ISO/IEC 27001:2015


Selected as a high-impact company in Latin America.

Great Place To Work

Recognized by the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures.

Certified B Corporation

Certified as a triple-impact company for our positive impact on the community.

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