26 years Leading Technological Innovation for the Healthcare Industry

Specialists in optimization of costs, resources and processes for healthcare institutions.
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Reduction of medical expenses
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Automation of authorizations
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Drug interaction control
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Healthtech Leader in the Industry

We are the best strategic partner for the digital transformation of health organizations.

Through our technology, healthcare organizations simplify their processes and optimize their communication with providers and partners.


Transform the operation by automating processes based on business rules.
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Manages the insured population, allowing add/ modify/ delete in a unified base.


Provides real time authorization through a rules engine which checks contracts with beneficiaries and providers, and reviews medical guidelines.


Streamlines the bill auditing process, combining the receipts, control and validation of bills in a single platform.

Provider Network Management

Manages the providers´ network, improving processes, optimizing costs, and ensuring high-quality services.

Our experience


Platform with modular structure that integrates seamlessly with the organization´s legacy systems.

Real time interaction

Simple and fluid communication between parties.

Business rules

Industry knowledge transformed into rules that add value to operations.

Automatic authorizations

Online validation of health benefits.

Reduced administrative burden

Less time in contracting services, billing and collection.

Cloud storage

Ensures optimal performance and information security.

Optimization of processes

Simpler and optimized management at all stages of the process.


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Recognized as a high-impact company by this global NGO.

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Certified by the global authority on high-trust, and high-performing workplace cultures.


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We partner with ODG, provider of evidence-based guidelines that unite payers, providers and employers.

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