Introducing Conexia's Real-Time Discovery Center


Days to Seconds

Transform utilization review programs to transpire in real-time at the point of care leveraging evidence based medicine protocols.


Reduce Cost

Accelerate return to work reducing indemnity costs while lowering administrative and medical costs.


Data Accuracy

Ensure data is securely captured in real-time at the point of care leveraging transactional connectivity with your provider network.

Proven Results


We reduce temporary disability
from 10 to less than 5 days

Reduction from 6 to less than 1 day
in authorization turnaround time

We reduce cost and generate 25 Million in annual Client's savings



Notice of loss

We work with payers to deliver solutions that include online reporting of injury to facilitate claim intake in real-time.


We work with payers to facilitate real-time authorizations at the point of care through customized rules.

Bill processing

Bill processing transpires in real-time facilitating instant approval for appropriate care with certainty of payment.

Other Features

Employer Relationship Management, Claim/Case Management, Provider/Network Management, Occupation Health/Workplace Safety and Business Intelligence/Analytics

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Our Clients' Testimonials



CEO, Occupational Health Link

“The solution is scalable and supports OEHP strategic and operational goals, focusing on injured worker experience and improved outcomes at lower costs

“Implementing Conexia allowed us to know in real time the status of each claim. Real-time traceability is critical to quickly detecting potential risks and applying quick action to manage the case.”

G. Meneguzzi, President of Workers' Compensation.
La Segunda ART

A trusted leader in the global payer community

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