About us


We are an information technology company that helps the healthcare ecosystem  in its digital transformation. Our technology platform facilitates secure and efficient access to healthcare.

With Conexia, healthcare organizations simplify their processes by streamlining their engagement with the system players. With over 25 years of experience in the marketplace, we have become a leading healthtech company with operations in Argentina, Colombia and the US.

Our history

Conexia was founded in 1996, with a vision to become a leader in technological innovation applied to healthcare

Our team is passionate about guiding healthcare organizations through their digital transformation journey. We created one of the first real-time authorization services in Latin America redefining the information flow between the actors.

We are strategic partners of various organizations within the healthcare ecosystem. Our information technologies enable a secure and efficient access to care.


Help the healthcare ecosystem in its digital transformation by developing information technologies that enable a secure and efficient access to healthcare.


Be a leader applying technological innovation to healthcare process management.


Contribute to our clients’ success

We are strategic partners in our clients’ digital transformation journey. We honor their trust by meeting the commitments we have undertaken. We help them think big.

Drive talent

We encourage our teams’ professional development. We trigger our curiosity in order to be better. We believe challenges are opportunities to change and adapt with flexibility. We empower people to be the promoters of their own growth.

Excel at what we do

We constantly improve everything we do, working with passion and as a team. We learn from our mistakes and harness the power of learning.

Enjoy the ride

We are always at our best. We relate to our surroundings with empathy and help build the best work environment. We embrace challenges and we are willing to go the extra mile.

Raise awareness

We promote a culture committed to sustainable growth, with a positive impact on people’s lives, our communities and the planet.

Commitment to excellence

Integrated Management System IRAM
Quality Management System IRAM

At Conexia, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and services, and we put our client’s’ satisfaction first. 

To achieve these goals, we certify all our processes under ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards. 

These certifications attest to our intention to excel and ensure the quality and safety in everything we do.

At Conexia, safety is everyone’s priority.

Conexia high-impact company

Recognized as a high-impact company by this global NGO.

Conexia great place to work

Certified by the global authority on high-trust, and high-performing workplace cultures.

We partner with ODG, provider of evidence-based guidelines that unite payers, providers and employers.

We Are B-Certified

Conexia Certified B Corporation

Being a certified B- Corporation means we are committed to create a favorable impact on the community and implement a business model with a positive footprint on people and the environment.

Conexia is a B- Corporation. Based on our Mission, Vision and Values, we support and drive initiatives and actions aligned with the promotion of creating responsible citizenship and a healthy environment.

Each day, every member of Conexia strives to engage in triple-impact business relations with added value for the community and the planet. We work together with this goal in mind, bringing the message to our clients, employees, vendors, and related entities.