Health insurance

Optimal technological and methodological solutions for efficient health insurance management

With the Conexia Suite’s modules and the expertise of our team, the dynamics between payers, providers, and members can be transformed. We increase the quality of healthcare services by focusing on processes, operations, and management control.


We take on the challenge of payers and optimize their operation. We help manage the risk of the insured population, generating results in the short, medium, and long term, improve service quality to citizens and optimize financial resources.

Through Conexia, payers can:

Decrease the response time of medical audits.

Improve the end-user experience with real-time information.

Reduce the repetitive workload of auditors to allow focus on complex cases.

Control the evolution of chronic diseases and improve decision-making on at-risk population.

Anticipate health problems of insured members, establish mechanisms to ensure timely and higher quality services.

Working with Conexia allows payers to have a more efficient operation focused on their members, sustained by solid contracts with providers, and an optimized management process.

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