Frequently Asked Questions

Conexia is a healthtech company with over 26 years of experience developing innovative solutions for public health organizations, healthcare and workers compensation payers. Conexia is committed to improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare through cutting-edge technology solutions and the expertise of our team.
Yes, Conexia Suite is a comprehensive platform that supports healthcare management and administration.Conexia Suite consists of five modules for health plan management, electronic billing, data analytics, and other services. The platform is designed to provide solutions to different types of healthcare organizations.Conexia Suite offers an integrated solution that adapts to the needs of each organization, allowing for more efficient processes and resulting in a better experience for healthcare payers and patients.
Conexia’s platform is a tool designed for payers. Currently, our services are directed towards occupational risk insurers, health insurers, and public health organizations.
Yes. With the Conexia Suite plus, our methodology, health payers improve their operational processes and their relationship with members. They optimize their economic resources and facilitate the decision-making process based on statistical information. The Conexia Suite is made up of different modules which meet the needs of a healthcare management process, with a specific focus on operability and risk management.
Yes. The modules of our technology platform are Api – friendly and integrate with other systems used by the client.

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